UK Classic Fake Patek Philippe Ref.1463 Chronograph Watches

The perfect replica Patek Philippe ref.1463 was launched in 1940s. It was a fascinating chronograph that Patek Philippe firstly released. Later in 1960s, the watch was suspended. Patek Philippe mounted the waterproof case on the watch and it proves that it is the brand’s only antique chronograph with round button.

The blue second hand and gold hour markers are striking on the white dial.
Brown Leather Strap Replica Patek Philippe

The overall design of this imitation watch with white dial is symmetric and harmonious. The dial is perfect and all the functions can be read clearly. The unique “Cartier” adorned on the dial makes the timepiece more recognizable. Cartier is well-known by its charming wristwatches and jewelries, but in history, it also sold the products of other famous brands.

The precious watch is equipped with Cal.13-130, a manual-winding mechanical movement. It could also be seen on other models such as Rolex ref.3525. The watch is an antique chronograph model that is very appealing.

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