Appreciating Classic UK Replica Patek Philippe Ref.2497 “The Garrard”

In Patek Philippe ’s rich history, Ref. 2497 occupies a special position. The complicated fake Patek Philippe perpetual calendar was launched in 1951 which was released in the same time with the famous ref.2499 that was equipped with spare chronograph function.

The Patek Philippe has important status in the history of the watch brand.
37 MM Copy Patek Philippe Ref.2497

Ref.2497 continued the classic design of ref.1526. The difference is the bigger case of ref.2497. Although the oversized wristwatches are mainstream in watchmaking industry today, this perfect knockoff watch is still very outstanding.

The Patek Philippe has been pursued by watch collectors.
Rose Gold Fake Patek Philippe Ref.2497

Driven by Cal.27 SC, the Patek Philippe ref.2497 was more extraordinary. The classical layout endows eternal aesthetics, meanwhile, the dial looks more understated and it is very legible. The unique wristwatch has been engraved with the symbol of Garrard & Co.

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