The New Designed UK White Gold Case Copy Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G Watches

The anniversary celebration of Patek Philippe is not only a dwelling on the past, but also need to look forward to the future. Therefore, Patek Philippe launched the black dial fake Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575G watch to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the brand. This replica Patek Philippe watch combined with the traditional elements of the copy Patek Philippe World Time series and also added the moon phase function with the unique innovation, in the continuation of the legendary, at the same time, coruscate giving new vitality.


The copy Patek Philippe World Time series always decorated with the unique carved patterns or the colorful wire enamel patterns in the center of the dial, especially the latter one, and also acclaimed in the auction. For this replica Patek Philippe World Time Moon watch, the center of the dial that with the large moon phase display which is different from others.


From the point of appearance,this black leather strap fake Patek Philippe 5575G watch that also can be said as the model of the eternal grace. The design inspiration of the round case comes from the Calatrava style, the whole watch that all adopted the gold cover and also engraved with the “Patek Philippe Geneve 175e Anniversaire 1939-2014”. Upon the dial, Patek Philippe again successfully designed a dial that can clearly display 24 time zones and highlighted the local time at the time, as well as the 35 mm diameter moon phase display, showing the rich details of the moon.