Platinum Case UK Fake Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5496P-015 Watches With A Lot Of Surprise

The fake Patek Philippe calendar watch has the new ones in 2016, the 5140 is directly upgraded to 5140, and this 5496 is introduced the platinum style;Strictly speaking the new one is the 5327, 5496 is only the bend.



The First Characteristic: New Designed Date Numbers

The brown leather strap copy Patek Philippe 5496P-015 import the new design, one of the most important is the date. The previous fake Patek Philippe 5496 Numbers are printing, this time it adopted the three-dimensional digital scale. Like this kind of practice not only spends a lot of time, but also greatly increased the costs, however, the quality of finished product is the embellishment that can not reach.


The Second Characteristic: Dial Vertical Silking

The treatment of the dial is also different as usual, this yellow gold pointer replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications adopted the vertica silking skill for the dial. This kind of practice make watches can look slightly younger, and with some sports style, and also creating an unique temperament for watches.


The Third Characteristic: Special Dial Pattern

In addition of this, it is still the fake 5496, with the date retrograde on the dial with the large Angle, and the months, weeks, and leap year showed respectively spread in 3, 9, 12 o ‘clock position.